We meet on Wednesdays at Calvary Baptist Church in South Bend, IN [map]. Classes begin at 9 a.m. and run until 2:30.  Members of the co-op choose which classes to be in and attend only during those hours. If parents are teaching a class, all their children must be either enrolled in a class or signed into STUDY HALL or NURSERY. When the parent is not teaching, they are expected to care for their own children. We do have an area for quiet games, reading, activities for families who have an off-hour and want to remain on-premises.


We have a lunch break and encourage families to bring a sack lunch for their own family and enjoy visiting with each other over lunch. During this time we have snack offerings for sale to raise money for miscellaneous costs of the co-op (copies, paper, etc.)

We reserve the right to modify the dates due to snow days or other unforeseen circumstances.

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