The registration fee is $60 per family for the whole year. Class fees are separate and listed in each course syllabus and Class List. You may pay your registration fee through PayPal at the bottom of this page. Class fees are paid by check or cash directly to the instructor of each class. Payments MUST BE LABELED.

The Spring Trimester offers a discounted fee of $30 to attend as many classes that are available, or a Try It! Fee of $20, with the ability to do a trial run of one class per child.  You are welcome to join us for lunch to get to socialize with other families, should your class fall 3rd or 4th hour.

Please fill out the Family Registration Form and Course Registration-Form to apply. Forms can be scanned and emailed to

Both registration forms and the registration fee (not class fees) are required before students are placed into classes.

Our registration cost pays for our building usage and related expenses.  If we end up with a surplus after all our costs are met, we contribute the excess to the Sarah Moss Scholarship Fund.


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Class Proposal Form (for those who have been with us for a year, and wish to lead teach)

Spring 2024 Class Schedule

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Family Registration Fee $60