Each trimester we offer a variety of courses for three age groups. Download the current 2023 Course Guide  for full details of each class.  Click on the title of the class to see the syllabus.  Check out the Class Schedule for the times classes are offered.  Please be sure to double check ages as they may overlap.  There is always a Class Exemption Form on the Registration Tab, should you need to age up or down into a class.  The lead teacher’s contact info is listed on the Course Guide. 

Parents are encouraged to carefully evaluate the syllabus, course description, costs and student responsibilities to determine if the particular class is right for their child(ren).  Your student will be responsible for the work detailed in the syllabi, or may be removed to study hall. FULL Year classes will be a FULL Year commitment. FULL Year-trimester contained classes can be fluid, allowing children to move to other classes if wanted. Trimester classes are only for one trimester, with the possibility to continue for another trimester, at the discretion of the teacher. If you have questions about a particular class not answered in the course description or syllabi, you are encouraged to contact the teacher directly, and their e-mails are directly linked.  If you are not a current member who has access to our contact information, please email so that we may help you get the information you need.