Please click the name of the class for the Syllabus. You my also  Download the entire Course Guide here

Preschool-A-B-C- (age 3-5) –Preschool ABC’s/Phonics- This class is to introduce
letters, letter sounds, and letter writing. The younger
preschoolers will focus on learning letters and doing an
activity assoc. with the letter. Older preschoolers who
already are familiar with letters will focus more on phonics
and learning to write each letter of the alphabet.  Class fee: $15

Preschool-ART (age 3-6) –  We will ne making an art book as we
learn about colors, color mixing, making artwork and crafts
associated with famous artists!  Class Fee: $5

Baby Book Club- This class will focus on a different topic each week, like: Under The Sea, Automobiles, Dinosaurs and Jesus! There will be fun and entertaining stories followed by basic comprehension questions, to reinforce emerging listening skills. Music and crafts related to the topic will come next to keep kids engaged. Class Fee: $5

Preschool-P.E. (age 3-5) – This class will offer students an opportunity to learn gross motor skills, play games using a variety of equipment and work on basic knowledge of colors, shapes, ABC’s, etc. through games and movement.  Class fee: None

Fun with Shapes and Numbers- (ages 3-4) This class will work with
preschool students in learning shapes, colors, numbers and
basic math using manipulatives and games Class Fee: none

Preschool Puzzles- (ages 3-5) Each week we will have a variety of
puzzles that the kids can work together on. They will learn
how to do puzzles and how to work together with others. Class Fees: none

Before 5 in a Row- (2-5) Each week one book will be read
followed by literary activities to complement the story. Class Fee: $4