Syllabi Coming Soon! Until then, please Download the entire Course Guide here

Preschool-Animal-Science:  (age 3-5) –  In this course, we will discuss a different animal each week including habitat, characteristics, tracks, etc.  Books, videos, crafts, and movement will be used each week.  Class fee: $10 for FULL year

Preschool-A-B-C- (age 3-5) – Alphabet introduction. We will recite/sing the alphabet; identify uppercase and lowercase letters; Identify letter sounds; trace and/or write some letters.  Each week one letter will be presented and reinforced with song, play, art,, book reading, and a take-home folder.  Class fee: None

Preschool-ART (age 3-6) –  Hands-on activities that expand imagination and creativity. We will work on a new project each week!  Class Fee: $5

Preschool-P.E. (age 3-5) – This class will offer students an opportunity to learn gross motor skills, play games using a variety of equipment and work on basic knowledge of colors, shapes, ABC’s, etc. through games and movement.  Class fee: None

Preschool Storytime – (Ages 3 – 5) Come and read stories with us and join in on FUN, interactive play and activities related to the stories we have read!