Jr/Sr High School


Jr/Sr High School

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Artistic Expressions- Art for Jr/Sr High Students (Middle & High School) – This class will offer students an opportunity to express themselves through art by learning to draw, experimenting with a variety of artistic techniques, and working in a variety of media. Class fee: $15/student

Beginners ASL Level 2- (7th-12th)This is a beginner class for introducing students to ASL (American Sign Language) The class will consist of learning new signs each week and using the signs within the classroom setting. This level will include signing with praise or “clean” secular music (no singing required) Class Fee: $5

FUN & Games (7th grade and up): Class time will be for table/board games and other self-directed activities(drawing, crafts, etc.) Class fee: None

High School PE- (ages 13+)Students will do a warm-up and some
stretches. Then we will play an active game such as:
Capture the flag, 4 square, Frisbee, volleyball. Class Fees: none

Creation Apologetics-(9th-12th)In this class, we will discuss topicssuch as the evidence for the flood, fossils, dinosaurs, and space. Class Fee: none

Human Anatomy/Physiology- (7th-9th)  In this class we will be
exploring human anatomy and physiology. There will be journal projects, experiments, and a little bit of medical terminology thrown in for good measure. Class Fees: $10

Biology- (8th-12th) We will study God’s creation in detail as we work
through the Aplogia Biology textbook.The microscope and laboratory aspects of the class will be incorporated into class time. Dissection lab will take place on a couple of
Saturdays at my house – details will come  Class Fees: $15

Missions:Past/Present -(6th-8th) Focus will be twofold : learning
about the founders of modern missions, and reading
selections from more modern missionary biographies. Class project will be to research local missions ministries and choose one to assist (ie. foodpantries, homeless shelters, campus outreach ministries,Bible translation programs) Class Fees: None

Ballroom Dance- (7th-12th) In this class we will learn and practice
various types of ballroom dance. Some will include Swing Dance,
Foxtrot, Hustle, Waltz and possibly some country dances as well. Class Fees: None

Egyptian Heiroglyphs- (7th-12th) In this class, students will learn why
Egyptians needed hieroglyphs, early attempts at decoding,
along with some of the history that goes along with the
Egyptians. We will also learn how to read, pronounce, and
write this ancient language Class Fees: None

Geography-  (9th-12th) We will study geography skills, physical
geography, and human geography. Students will also make
an atlas of their own and memorize major geographic
structures along with country and capital names Class Fees: None

American Literature- (9th-12th) -In this course, we will study literary
works starting from the Colonial Age through to the Modern
Age. There are many stories in this book. Class Fees: None

Sewing: Small Projects-(6th-12th) We will have different projects
assigned for a few weeks at a time to hand sew little
projects and put together quilt blocks. Class Fees: None

Homesteading- (7th-12th) In this class the students will learn the
basics of a more self sustainable lifestyle. From food
growing, harvesting and preservation through fermentation
and canning and other methods. To some simple lost
historical life skills such as making soap and candles, fiber
spinning, home remedies using herbs and other medicinal
aids found locally. We’ll also be learning animal husbandry
skills, from care taking, to raising for milk, meat, eggs and
utilizing animal products. Class Fees: $10

Acting- (7th-12th) acting abilities through games. Students memorize
short skits & develop their characters. We “perform” skits in
class weeks 5 & 9. I video record for private viewing of MCC
families Class Fees: $5

Essential Kitchen Skills- (8th-12th) This class will focus on practical
kitchen skills that will prepare anyone to sustain and serve
themselves, family and friends frugally, nutritiously and
beautifully. We will work on basic knife skills (dicing,
chopping, chiffonade, etc.), how to properly measure
ingredients, cookware knowledge, and table settings. We
will be learning basic cooking techniques, such as
blanching, braising, sauteing, frying, deglazing, steaming,
etc. How to separate eggs all the way up to pan sauces,
pasta making and breaking down a whole chicken. Class Fees: $10 

One Hour Mysteries- (4th-8th) What better way to motivate critical
thinking than with a whodunit? Skills that will be learned
include deductive reasoning, inferring, taking notes,
organizing data, and analyzing evidence. Class Fee: $5