Jr/Sr High School


Jr/Sr High School

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Beginners ASL Level 2- (7th-12th)This is a beginner class for introducing students to ASL (American Sign Language) The class will consist of learning new signs each week and using the signs within the classroom setting. This level will include signing with praise or “clean” secular music (no singing required) Class Fee: $5

Accounting Basics- Introduction to financial accounting components: accepted principles and terminology, the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, the Statement of Cash Flows Class Fee: $5

Atomic Habits- Learn how to create good habits and break bad ones with a simple ste-by-step framework based on the best techniques in behavioral science. Class Fees: none

Career Development: College/Trade school/ Sales/Marketing/Entrepreneur Class Fees: none

Puzzle Works!– We will be tackling puzzles that will be assembled, glued, framed and donated to a good cause Class Fees: none

High School PE- (ages 13+)Students will do a warm-up and some
stretches. Then we will play an active game such as:
Capture the flag, 4 square, Frisbee, volleyball. Class Fees: none

Acting-  (3rd – 8th) (7th-12th) acting abilities through games. Students memorize
short skits & develop their characters. We “perform” skits in
class weeks 5 & 9. I video record for private viewing of MCC
families Class Fees: $10

Astronomy– In this class we will explore the universe, contemplate space mysteries, and discover the wonders of the cosmos. Class Fee: $0

Uncle Sam and You- Middle school history course that focuses on American government and civics. Homeschool, biblical view curriculum with workbook lessons. Class schedule will follow suggested textbook layout with approx. one unit due each week, and corresponding workbook lessons Class Fee: $0

Elementary P.E. UPPER, (Physical Education)- This class will offer students an opportunity to learn gross motor skills, play games using a variety of equipment/skills. We will work on good sportsmanship, safety when playing in a large group and following the rules of organized games. Warm ups, stretches then fun games! Class Fee: $0

American History– This US History course will explore American History from Columbus to present day by studying original documents, speeches, poems and classic literature. Students can earn credit in American History, English and Bible. Class Fee: $0

Artistic Design- In this class we will learn the Elements and Principles of design, Composition and study Color Theory to create visually pleasing and meaningful original artwork utilizing the Bible as our primary means of inspiration. Class Fee: $15

Dance- In this class we will learn and practice various types of dance. Each trimester will focus on a different type of dance. Beginning with Country and square dancing. Then ballroom dances including Swing Dance, Foxtrot, Hustle, Waltz. Class Fees: $0

Creative Writing Bits– Students will either write in class or have an assignment to take home. Students will share their work in class for everyone to enjoy and offer feedback. Class Fee: $0

Build Thru Revelation-We will spend two trimesters building our way through the book of Revelation. We will focus on a assigned reading in Revelation each week. **All building must be completed at home, not in class!** Class Fee: $0

Interior Design– Learn the basics of interior design 1 st Trimester: Elements of Design 2 nd Trimester: Principles of Design 3 rd Trimester: Materials and Finishes, personal project Class Fee: $15

High School TLP(Total Language Plus)- As students read, they complete worksheets on comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar. They also choose from numerous enrichment ideas and writing topics relating to the reading assignment. Class Fes: $5

Chemistry 101– We will work through the entire course during the co-op year. Additional experiments or activities may be added. See syllabus! Class Fees: $ 10

Creative Read Aloud– Students will be read to in class while they choose something creative to do. Different creative manipulatives will be provided during class while students are encouraged to make a project that we build on through the trimester during the reading. Class Fee: $15

Tea Time Adventures– This class will be a time to have some tea and listen to some adventurous readings from classic literature. This class is designed to be fun for both boys and girls Class Fees: $5.

Understanding World Views– This course surveys today’s major world views and teaches students how to identify and counter the bad ideas so many young adults have unwittingly adopted. Class Fee: $0

Government and Econ– This class covers the Biblical pattern for government and the constitution, how being knowledgeable about economics will help students become better stewards of the Lord’s money Class Fees: $0

Cooking Thru the Ages– This class takes us on a fascinating international journey through civilizations across the ages, showing us who we were, how we lived, and why. But in addition to learning about this history, you’ll have the opportunity to taste it and smell it! Biblical times, Middle ages, Renaissance, Colonial, Victorian, Depression, Mid Century and modern times will be covered every 9 weeks over each trimester Class Fees: $15

Reading Intervention– This class is individually designed for students in need of reading intervention due to dyslexia, processing disorders, or significant meeting delays. I will meet with any parents who are interested to custom a course of action for their child. Class Fee: $0

Health and Nutrition- We will discuss anatomy, physiology along with nutrition, diet and exercise Class Fee: $0

Critical Thinking– This will be a discussion-heavy class. There will be homework as well as in class work of reading and answering the questions to ensure we have rich discussions, develop critical thinking skills and learn the art of argument Class Fee: $0

Speech/Composition– Students will learn how to communicate more effectively, how to write better papers and speak effectively Class Fees: $0