Jr/Sr High School


Jr/Sr High School

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American History- Notgrass  (Grades 7th – 12th) We will learn about the history of America from start to present.  Weekly reading assignments as well as weekly projects. Class fee: $10/FULL year

Artistic Expressions- Art for Jr/Sr High Students (Middle & High School) – This class will offer students an opportunity to express themselves through art by learning to draw, experimenting with a variety of artistic techniques, and working in a variety of media. Class fee: $15/student

Creative Writing Bits: (7th – 12th)–  We will stretch our creative muscles as we tackle new writing prompts each week both in class and as homework(HW). Class fee: None

Cross Stitch- (5th grade and up): Goals for this class include progressive work.  Each class will be a continuation of the project started previously.  Class fee:  $0.00/$10.00  Students with their own materials & project, Class fee is NONE,                                  Students using teachers’ materials & projects, Class fee is $10.00

FUN & Games (7th grade and up): Class time will be for table/board games and other self-directed activities(drawing, crafts, etc.) Class fee: None

Health-and-Nutrition- Apologia: (9th – 12th)- Students gain an awareness of how they can actively promote a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.  This curriculum explores the physical, mental, social, and spiritual concepts that are needed for a healthy lifestyle. Class fee: $

High School Composition: (9th – 12th)- Students will learn proper writing and sourcing in citation for preparation for secondary education. Class fee: None

Mystery of History vol1-Part 2(MOHv1): (Grade 5th – 8th)- This year in Mystery of History, we will complete volume one, beginning in Semester Two-The Classical World. We will start in the Third-Quarter (The Mystery Builds): 612 B.C.- Nineveh Destroyed to the Fourth Quarter (The Mystery Revealed) A.D. 29 – The Ascension of Jesus.          Class fee: $15/year

Physical Science: Apologia: (Grades 7th and up):  Students will conduct controlled experiments where they will observe a problem, ask a question, formulate a testable hypothesis, and conduct experiments and analyze the data to see if it supports their hypothesis.  This course is designed to help students gain confidence in his or her science abilities.  Class fee: $12

Super FUN Athletic Games: (6th Grade and up): This class will get students moving while having TONS of FUN! Each class will begin with warm-ups and stretches.  We will then plan an active game….most will be unconventional, not the typical sports,.  Willingness to be active and participate is key! Class fee: None

TLP-High School-Language Arts (9th – 12th grade) – This class is a literature-based program that will be used to teach Language Arts. All of the activities are inspired by a novel. As well as vocabulary, spelling, grammar, writing, and critical thinking skills.      1st trimester:(FG-Animal Farm/Screwtape Letters); 2nd trimester:(The Hiding Place); 3rd trimester (The Scarlet Pimpernel)  Class fee: $5/trimester

World-History: Notgrass: (Grade 9th – 11th): This class will teach students to understand history from a Christian perspective of faith in God and respect for the Bible. Class fee: None

Writing Workshop ( Grade 3rd – 7th): For those who might not love writing or could use a little practice, we will work on writing solid sentences and then move on to effective paragraphs and papers by the end of the year. Class fee:  $5