Click on a course name for a syllabus for that course. Download the entire course guide here.

Preschool ABCs! (age 3-6) – Introduction to a new letter each week. Sound and sight recognition, letter formation, crafts, stories, and hands-on-activities included. Class fee: $15

Our AMAZING Bodies (age 4 – 6) – Basic exploration of some body systems & vital organs.  Skeletal, Immune System, Skin/Integumentary, Nervous; Digestive; Circulatory.  Learning will be through discussion and hands on. Class fee: $5

Circle Time:  (age 3-6) –  In this course, we will learn calendar, ABC’s, and counting skills.  We will also read stories and sing songs.  Students will have time to share ideas with their classmates each week.  Class fee: $7 per trimester

Preschool ART (age 2-6) –  Recognizing colors and developing fine motor skills.  Hands-on activities that expand imagination and creativity. Class fee: $7 per trimester

Preschool MUSIC (age 3-5) – Basic music and movement class focused Learning simple science and on instilling music intelligence by developing singing skills, sensitivity to beat and beat groups, expressive movement, and musical memory. Class fee: None

PreSchool P.E. (age 3-5) – This class will offer students an opportunity to learn gross motor skills, play games using a variety of equipment and work on basic knowledge of colors, shapes, ABC’s, etc. through games and movement.  Class fee: None

Preschool Storytime (age 2-5) – Read stories and draw pictures of the story. Class fee: None

Puzzles and Play! (age 3-5) – Fun time for Preschoolers.  Free play with Duplos, puzzles, Play-Doh, games and more!  Class fee: None